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John Mathews
Publicado: 2020-10-10 21:05:20

Hello, My name is John, I am the founder of VidYourBiz. I wanted to reach out to wish you more success in your business and to make sure you know just how vital video is for the growth of your business, as well as to share some information about what we can do to help you satisfy your video needs. Video is ever-growing because it's the best way to quickly and concisely relay information to your audience. In fact, web pages with video converts up to 80% more often so every business needs to be utilizing video in their day to day businesses. That's where I believe our team at VidYourBiz can be a great help in unlocking your business' maximum potential with video. Reply me back for some samples, pricing, or just to say hi! Best Regards, John Matthews VidYourBiz

Frederick Morse
Publicado: 2020-09-27 12:26:35

Good afternoon, may I ask a question, I thought that since you have a company you might need a corporate music to use in your advertisements or presentations videos? I’m a dj and I don’t do shows now, I will appreciate any support. Best regards